There are no shortages of inspirational posters, quotes and memes sharing the importance of communication and rightly so.  You cannot get around communicating.  You cannot choose a career path that does not involve some sort of communication with others.  Communication is not an elective that you can skip. It is one of those things that we all need to do.  And when you do it well – all aspects of your life (personal and professional) will flourish.

The great thing about communication is that is a skill that can easily be improved! Whether you or your team have opportunities with making effective presentations, conducting successful and productive meetings, or connecting with others face-to-face for feedback sessions – these are all skills that can be enhanced with a little knowledge, self-reflection, and effort.

Microlearning Continues To Top The Learning Charts

As CMR Institute designed our suite of business communication topics, we knew that little lessons on these topics could make a big difference.  Microlearning continues to top the charts of learning trends and for good reason.  It gives the learners what they crave – short, bite-sized pieces of learning that are easily accessible in today’s connected world.

Let’s take a look at our suite of content around Business Communication. These modules (topics like Managing by Communicating and Communicating with a Diverse Workforce) are built around microlessons. Each lesson is short but the content is still curated together in a meaningful way so it makes sense and is easily accessible for the learner.  Plus, there is a Reflection Activity at the end of each, where the learner gets the chance to reflect on what they have learned and apply it to their life.  This activity aids in learning transfer and pull through.

Take a quick peek at some of the design highlights of these modules below and then check out the Demo: Elements of Good Communication to see them in action.

Microlesson Design Features

Available Business Communication eLearning Courses

  • Choosing the Right Form of Business Communication
  • Communicating with a Diverse Workforce
  • Conducting Successful Business Meetings
  • Crafting an Effective Written Message
  • Creating Business Presentations that Make an Impact
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Elements of Good Communication
  • Managing by Communicating
  • The Communication Process Model

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