October 20, 2016 | Blog

Identify New Decision Makers and Implement New Partnering Strategies

Do your field sales teams have the knowledge to approach today’s customers?

Sales professionals must be equipped with the latest information to have knowledgeable and fruitful conversations with today’s decision makers. With the shift from volume to value, your commercial teams must understand how to integrate topics like Triple Aim, Risk Contracting, Population Health, and Value-Based Care into their everyday conversations.

In a recent CMR survey, 83% of participants said our training helped them better position their products in today’s value-driven marketplace.

Today’s commercial teams need the knowledge to approach customers and the skills to build effective and long-standing partnerships with these new decisions. It is critical for your sales teams to understand the new players in today’s marketplace. Gone are the days of one call point; today’s salesforce must interact with the C-Suite, organized customers such as ACOs and IDNs, and both clinical and non-clinician decision makers at physician group practices and hospital systems.

CMR’s survey also indicated that 80% of participants thought our training helped their ability to establish credible relationships with customers. Utilizing the knowledge gained from CMR’s training and applying it to today’s new decisions makers will allow your sales teams to have more productive discussions that will ultimately lead to increased market share for your company.

CMR has many resources to help your sales teams identify new decision makers and implement new partnering approaches.

Check out our free resources in these areas today:

  • ACO Assessment Tool – What is an ACO, and is your company ready to partner with one? This tool, developed by CMR Institute in conjunction with ACO executives, will give your sales team an honest assessment of where their organization stands in relation to the accountable care marketplace.
  • Whitepaper: Why You Should Visit the Website Before the C-Suite – This whitepaper, authored by Dr. Anthony Slonim, President and CEO of Renown Health, discusses the ways in which preliminary research into a company’s leadership and strategic needs can help industry representatives gain access to the C-suite.
  • Risk Contracting Whitepaper and Webinar – Sales professionals need to understand the basics of risk contracting so they can support their company’s strategy to improve market access and meet customer needs. Risk-sharing arrangements go by many names, from advanced contracts to population health management programs. This white paper and webinar discuss some of the key concepts your sales teams should understand about risk contracting today.

As the market changes, you need a partner that stays on top of the latest market changes and trends in healthcare so you can focus on other essential areas.  Contact CMR Institute for a consultation on how we can tailor our library of eModules to create a customized and blended training solution for your organization.

This is the first theme in a series of three centered around improving your training strategy to bring the ROI that you need in 2017. Read more about this series HERE. As part of this series we have provided a free planning tool that includes recommended content in three key areas required for successful account planning and management. Download the Planning Tool HERE.


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