How We Do It

How We Do It


Our eLearning courses are interactive, play beautifully on any device and are based around key learning objectives from leading industry experts.


Microlearning can be a key component of an effective learning strategy. Many of our courses are organized into microlessons to give learners more control and our CMR Micro Minute collections are designed to help learners recall information and pull-through learning.


Maximize your time on the road by listening to our podcasts, which feature thought leaders speaking about a variety of timely industry topics.

Needs/Gap Analysis

Our client focused process allows us to learn more about your organization, your learners and your goals to identify those key needs and knowledge/skill gaps that need to be filled out and then creating a tailored learning solution that does just that.

Sustainability Tools

These activities are a simple, yet effective way of keeping the learner engaged and reinforcing learned concepts. Our sustainability tools include resources like job aids, interactive application tools, self-assessments, coaching guides, and our microlearning assets.

Videos & Webinars

CMR can create videos and webinars by interviewing content experts, your sales leadership, and market experts to bring your sales team up to date quickly, using real life examples and scenarios.


Our interactive workshops allow participants to practice key skills and engage in meaningful conversations with the group and a facilitator.


Our whitepapers feature thought leaders on a variety of timely industry topics.