Staying competitive in a crowded sales field is challenging, especially when many pharmaceutical or medical device sales reps are seeing fewer physicians in person these days. But you can train your sales reps to use a technique that will help engage your customers either face-to-face or virtually and support your value-based selling strategies: storytelling.

Adding Storytelling To Value-Based Selling

With effective storytelling, sales reps can create memorable scenarios that reinforce the value of your product in your customer’s mind. This includes success stories that demonstrate how a patient or other customer overcame an obstacle and found a positive solution. Other applications include using stories to make outcomes data “come to life” for a physician or pharmacist, or using a story to capture a distracted customer’s attention during a call.

When your sales team uses stories well, they can reinforce your product’s specific value proposition and distinguish it from others in the category.

New Sales Training Tool On Storytelling

Storytelling is a skill like any other type of selling ability and should be properly trained. Otherwise, it’s easy for a sales rep’s story to fall flat. That’s why we’re introducing a new eBrief on storytelling for sales reps.

This training resource can help your sales team understand the key elements that make a story engaging for a customer. It also outlines several practical ways that sales reps can use stories to enhance their sales presentations—with the aim to improve their sales performance.

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