Magic Formula To The Formulary

Do you wish that there was a proven formula for getting your products on a formulary? At CMR Institute we know that a well-trained, knowledgeable sales force with in-depth knowledge about how Formularies work is the first step.

Together with industry experts, we have revised our Formulary eLearning courses to reflect current healthcare policy and marketplace trends – providing you and your team with the latest and greatest information available.

Your Sales Force + CMR Formulary Content = Formulary Approval

Updating the content is only part of our equation for success – the presentation of the content has also been beautifully and thoughtfully updated with today’s learners in mind.  All of the eLearning courses will play beautifully on any device (perfect for that last-minute refresher right before seeing the P&T committee), are interactive and give learners complete control over their learning experience.

Check out a demo of one of our most requested Formulary titles: Hospital and Managed Care Formularies.

Available Formulary eLearning Courses

  • Why Formularies?
  • Administering The Pharmacy Benefit
  • Criteria For Product Approval To The Formulary
  •  Formulary Design
  • Hospital And Managed Care Formularies
  • Medicare And Medicaid Formularies
  • Role Of Clinicians And Pharmacists In Managing The Pharmacy Benefit
  • Selling In The Formulary Environment
  • Strategies For Managing The Pharmacy Benefit
  • The Pharmacy And Therapeutics Committee

Formulary design is evolving rapidly to meet changing market needs and these dynamics will continue into 2020. Whether you’re trying to get a new product on formulary or help ensure your products retain preferred status, understanding the current state to better meet customer needs is essential for success.

If you’d like to learn more about these courses or make them available to your sales team, get in touch with our CMR team by filling out the contact form above.

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