Microlearning Tips For Trainers

As a trainer, nothing is more dissatisfying than spending MONTHS on a learning course, only to discover that it failed to engage and deliver the results you hoped to get. That’s where microlearning comes in.

Employing microlearning or “microlessons”, may be one of the most effective ways to get more from your training content.

One benefit to “going small” is that development time is often shorter, along with:

  • Being easier to update
  • Keeping your training within budget
  • Helping to cut development costs in half
  • Being more manageable for today’s learners

Less Is More

Microlearning is a strategy that enables learners to be able to easily digest bite-sized pieces of information, in highly engaging and interactive ways.

Learners want to consumer content when and where they want. When you give learners short bites of content instead of a 100-slide mega-course, lessons feel achievable. Here are a few examples of some training tools that can be used as microlessons:

  • Short videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive PDF’s
  • Case studies
  • Games
  • Interactive flipcards

Providing content in a variety of rich media formats helps you eliminate the monotony in training programs and keeps your curriculum fresh.

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