To be successful in today’s market, pharmaceutical and medical device sales teams need to comprehend the financial forces that are transforming healthcare payment and delivery. Without this knowledge, your team will be unable to have productive conversations with healthcare customers who favor those reps and life science companies that offer real value.

Health economics and market access training can help your teams build the business acumen they need — and help them improve their sales performance, even during challenging times.

So What Is Health Economics?

Health economics is a phrase that can mean different things to different stakeholders. For example, some may view it in a limited way, focusing primarily on health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and pharmacoeconomics. Others take a broader view and consider topics like value-based care and population health management to be part of the health economics framework.

Despite these differing views, health economics at its core is about ensuring that the money spent on healthcare delivers real value to payers and patients. Delivering value is how companies can optimize market access for their products. This means ensuring that patients can receive the products they need, when they need them.

Health Economics: A Key Component To Market Access Training

Today, the pace of change in the healthcare industry has never been faster. While understanding health economics is essential to optimizing market access for your products, it’s not the only category of knowledge that your sales reps need to be successful in the field.

At CMR Institute, health economics is part of our broader market access training curriculum, which is designed to help sales teams understand the pressures their customers face and how they make decisions about products. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf, always up to date modules and training resources that cover the most relevant health economics topics. Our courses are updated continually to reflect shifting rules and regulations, new government payment models, and other important changes that your reps need to know to keep up with their customers.

Take a look at just some of your options from our 400+ titles in our course catalog:

  • Value-Based Care and the Changing Healthcare Delivery Model (click here for a look inside!)
  • Impact of Value-Based Healthcare on the Sales Environment
  • Today’s Medical Groups and the Transition to Value-Based Care
  • Population Health Management: A Strategy for Higher Quality and Lower Costs
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • Major Healthcare Payers and Managed Care Payment
  • Evidence-Based Medicine as a Sales Strategy
  • Effective Evidence-Based Medicine Oriented Sales Calls
  • Structure of a Pharmacoeconomic Study
  • Outcomes Research and Management
  • Cost and Resource Utilization Analyses
  • Engaging in a Productive Dialogue about Drug Prices (click here for a look inside!)
  • Measuring the Patient Experience: The Connection to Quality
  • Role of Structure, Process, and Outcomes in Quality Management
  • Pharmaceutical Prices: Balancing Innovation with Access and Affordability
  • Selling in a Value Conscious Environment
  • Selling in the Formulary Environment
  • Commercial Health Insurance
  • Employers and Individual Consumers as Healthcare Purchasers
  • Understanding MACRA and Its Impact on Physicians
  • Healthcare as a Business

Additional courses provide an in-depth look at specific customers – and what they need from your sales team.

  • Integrated Delivery Networks and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Selling in a Hospital Environment (click here for a look inside!)
  • Partnering with Organized Providers
  • Selling to Federal Accounts
  • Key Issues Affecting Physician Practices
  • Partnering with Specialists
  • Engaging Your Physician Practice Customers 
  • Navigating a Physician Practice 
  • Delivering Value to Your Call Points in a Physician Practice 

Further enhance your health economics and market access training curriculum with:

  • Current Trends in Healthcare
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • EHRs and Health Information Technology
  • Information Technology in Managed Healthcare
  • Identifying Partnering Opportunities
  • Understanding Medicare Part D (click here for a look inside!)
  • Government Healthcare Programs
  • Promoting Health Equity and Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Prepare Your Sales Reps To Have Greater Health Economics Knowledge

We recognize that your sales team’s training needs are unique. That’s why our learning strategists work with you to understand your team’s particular objectives and design a health economics and market access training program that works for you.

Even though health economics and market access topics are complex, they don’t have to be difficult to learn. At CMR, we apply an engaging, user-friendly microlearning design to all our modules – limiting the time it takes to access critical information and increasing the transfer of knowledge to learners.

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