November 17, 2017 | Blog

Gain a Competitive Advantage by Being the Best Physician Partner Possible

We recently updated our 21st Century Physician eModules to better suit sales teams to make a lasting impression on their clients.

It is just as important for your sales teams to understand the ins and outs of their customers as it is to understand the products they are selling. Staying ahead of and understanding how physicians are responding to the evolving healthcare environment will make your teams the best possible partner for their customers.

Let’s dive into some skills that make stronger sales people and better physician partners.

Relationship selling. Understanding the dynamics of different physician populations and the varying motivations and personality traits of physicians can influence the sales approach. There are many factors influencing the setting in which 21st century physicians practice including:

  • Rising costs in healthcare
  • Increasing litigation challenges
  • Improved Information technology

CMR’s new eModules explore these concepts and discuss what physicians want from sales professionals.

Another important aspect of being the best possible physician partner is exploring and identifying opportunities for partnerships that can result in a competitive edge while helping physicians meet current challenges. These new modules will help your team identify ways to help physicians with challenges they face because of a shifting healthcare environment.

Give your teams the best opportunity to sustain strategic success right where it all starts – building relationships with their customers.

The 21st Century Physician eModule suite. One more reason why:
84% of our learners report that our content gives them the ability to establish credible relationships with customers. 

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