March 17, 2017 | Blog

Formulary Process eModules Updated

Do your teams’ sales strategies fit today’s formularies?

Your products may be unique. But so are the formularies your sales teams now target.

All formularies may focus on cost-effectiveness. But each formulary is part of an organization’s unique cost-control strategy. And each P&T Committee weighs its own set of metrics and priorities.

That raises critical questions your sales teams will need to answer. For instance:

  • When your teams call on P&T Committee members, do they know what type of formulary they’re targeting? Or what role that formulary plays in the organization’s overall strategy for managing the pharmacy benefit?
  • How does a targeted IDN approach prior authorization or drug utilization reviews?
  • What’s a hospital’s view on generic substitution and therapeutic interchange?
  • What clinical practice guidelines are driving an ACO’s formulary decisions? What outcomes research do they rely on?

Help your sales teams understand the forces that shape the formularies they target. CMR’s newly-revised eModule suite, The Formulary Process, delivers the knowledge they need to win the fight for prime formulary positioning. Updated topics include:

  • Which healthcare organizations are using formularies and what types of formularies they’re putting in place.
  • The role of today’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, and who sits on it.
  • How PBMs and their formularies are shaping the market.
  • What pharmacy benefit management strategies are used today.
  • How the new economics of specialty drugs are driving other formulary decisions.
  • The role of healthcare representatives in the formulary decision-making process.

The Formulary Process eModule suite. One more reason why:

  • 96% of learners rate CMR resources as equal to, or better than, all other career training they’ve received.
  • 97% of learners report that they find CMR resources relevant, clear, and user-friendly.
  • 72% of learners report that CMR learning helps them increase market share and meet sales goals.

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