Not Just Another Monthly Subscription

Today it seems like we are bombarded by subscription services both personally and professionally. Each one aiming to entice us enough to “subscribe”. How many times have you signed up for something only to realize a couple of months later that you are not using your subscription? Quickly you find the subscription “not valuable” or a “waste of resources.” This can be true of gym memberships, apps, tv subscriptions, etc., but also for our training subscriptions.

As a training professional in the biopharmaceutical industry we are asked for many types of training – product launch, new hire training, continuous learning, role-based training, leadership and management training – the list goes on. Having content at our fingertips to fill these needs is where a subscription might prove its value.  But how do you ensure ongoing relevance and value?

Our Industry-Specific Value-Add

How do we bring value to our customers through our subscriptions? Glad you asked. Our subscriptions focus on the following and are included in the subscription price:

Cost-Effective Pricing: Ability to have unlimited access to over 400 pieces of updated content for a low per person cost.

Customized/Personalized Solutions by Department/Role: CMR provides customized role/department curriculum, including all content updates, as part of the subscription pricing for no additional cost.  We can curate content and create custom pathways based on competencies, behavior goals, etc.

Relevant and Up-To-Date Content: CMR not only constantly revises its curriculum but is listening to industry experts and our clients to create new content. We keep you informed of revisions and new content so that programs always contain relevant content. All content is tailored to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Launch Expertise: CMR will provide implementation support including initial program setup, customization, and communications consultation.

Technical compatibility: CMR will provide technology support to ensure system testing, troubleshooting, and learner support throughout the project.

Ongoing Support: CMR will provide a dedicated Account Management team to be available for learner questions, as well as regularly scheduled meetings (minimum quarterly) to ensure each program meets goals and discuss any necessary adjustments or updates. Additional support includes launch expertise/implementation, technical support, reporting, surveys, etc.

How We Support You And Your Mission - We Are #yourCMR

Like any industry there are many subscriptions to choose from when looking for a service. We have many factors that separate us from other subscriptions being used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Focused on Biopharmaceutical Industry: CMR’s content is tailored to the industry and contains real-world application that helps users apply our content to their day to day customer interactions and professional experiences.

Network of Subject-Matter Experts: CMR’s content is written by our network of more than 300 subject-matter experts (clinicians, executives from leading academic medical centers and health systems).

Customizable Subscriptions: A CMR subscription is not ‘one-size fits all’. It provides access to all resources, but we work with the client to customize and personalize their subscription to their exact business needs based on competencies, gaps, behaviors, etc.

Continuously Updated Content: All content is updated on a rolling 12-month schedule with a commitment to update content reflective of market changes within 5 business days of a major change.

A Subscription For Any Size

A CMR subscription can fit any size company and is customizable based on your organization’s exact priorities across the enterprise. The chart below gives 4 examples of how clients are using our subscriptions today.

Large Pharmaceutical Company

Large Pharmaceutical

Client Need: Customized libraries based on roles and customized by disease state.

Roles: Representatives, Account Directors, Business Directors, Market Access Teams, managers, and leaders.

Resources: customized eModules libraries based on roles and disease states.

Large Pharmaceutical Company

Large Pharmaceutical

Client Need: customized programs based on both non-commercial and commercial competencies across the organization.

Roles: home office, medical affairs, payer and reimbursement teams, marketing, sales representatives, managers, and leadership.

Resources: eModules, application.

Large Medical Device Company

Large Medical Device Company

Client Need: support of hospital sales team.

Roles: representatives, account managers, and hospital team.

Resources: eModules, application modules.

Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company

Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company

Client Need: support of full career development program for organization.

Roles: representatives, managers, leaders.

Resources: certificates, microcredentials, eModules.

Visit our case study resources on our website to learn how clients are leveraging their subscriptions today and contact us to learn how a CMR Institute industry specific library subscription can provide continued value to your .

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