At CMR Institute, we are passionate about helping our clients empower their teams for success. By partnering together, we seek to understand the needs and goals of our clients, develop a customized program by mapping appropriate content, and then measure and determine the success of the program. We were thrilled to partner with Kowa Pharmaceuticals to help them develop a successful program focused on sales performance and retention.

Measuring Partnership Results

Through a needs analysis we learned Kowa had a need for a structured, yet flexible, career path program. They wanted to develop top talent in the sales field while providing continuous growth and career advancement for sales representatives. We worked with the client to create the 3-level program that incorporated the client’s competencies and desired outcomes. Mapping the content to Kowa’s competencies helped strengthen the program as both representatives and managers could better select the right resources for their needs and overall goals to help increase sales performance.

Both CMR and Kowa were committed to measuring program results and their overall effectiveness. In addition to tracking participation and completion data, the program helped Kowa see a 10% reduction in turnover and a 20% increase in average sales rankings for program participants. Of program participants that responded to a survey, 90% reported that our resources influenced their ability to establish a credible relationship with customers while 86% reported that knowledge gained from our resources influenced their ability to position their product or service in a value-driven marketplace.

By collaborating with Kowa Pharmaceuticals, we have developed a partnership that continues to grow and evolve with shifting needs, marketing changes, and learner preferences. We were honored to receive the 2018 LTEN Excellence Award for Industry Partnership for our collaboration with Kowa and continue to work together to help Kowa empower their team for success.

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