The Client

An International specialty pharmaceutical company that markets branded, generic and specialty drugs. The company is headquartered in Northeast US, with over 22,000 employees. CMR Institute has been working with this client building programs to support various initiatives for several years. This case study describes an evolving program targeting and supporting emerging leaders through a year-long development program.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to keep its top sales professionals engaged and help them meet the challenges of an increasingly complex healthcare marketplace. The company wanted a flexible program that would provide its sales team with the knowledge and skills needed to interact more effectively with clinicians and colleagues.

Additionally, a program that would help its sales team develop leadership skills essential for their growth and continued success was desired. Sales leaders also wanted to engage their star sales performers to slow turnover and build their leadership pipeline

Eventually, leaders in other functions also recognized an opportunity to leverage an emerging leader program to help improve retention and employee engagement. As a result, the initial emerging leader program was expanded in 2019 to include the entire organization—not just commercial sales.

Today, the program helps emerging leaders across the organization understand how to manage themselves, manage and lead others, and manage and lead functions.

The Approach And Solution

Working with this pharmaceutical company, CMR identified the major components of the program. Specifically, the content had to be relevant and actionable. The cost-effective program needed to be self-paced, and require minimal time out of the field.

  • CMR prepared a detailed curriculum map to address the relevant competencies and curated a yearlong plan using a variety of customizable off-the-shelf resources.
  • CMR collaborated with the client and identified a self-paced eLearning library comprised of eModules, job aids, and other tools that covered the leadership skills essential for professional growth and maximum value for customers.
  • The highly organized program focused on a specific top and related reinforcement activities monthly. Cohort activities support application, idea sharing, retention.
  • CMR created leader’s guides for the cohort leaders to foster discussion and application of the material in the program, which covered topcs such as adaptability, communication skills, self-development, leadership, workforce management, diversity and inclusion, managed relationships, and project management.
  • The guides and exercises help participants reflect on what they’ve learned and how they can use the information to be better leaders; the guides also support the development of the cohort leaders in building coaching, facilitating and leadership skills.

The Results - Goals Achieved!

100% Cohort Retention

The program achieved 100% cohort retention of managers and leaders and included 80% US/20% international participation and 50% commercial/50% corporate functions.


It’s estimated that creating, delivering, and supporting this program internally would have cost the company 10 times the budget allocated for the program.

23% Promotion Rate

The 2019/2020 program boasted a 23% promotion rate among its participants.

Learner Feedback

97% of participants report that they have increased their value to the customers, colleagues, and organization. 94% report that they are better prepared to lead others in an effective, respectful, and engaging way.

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