Thriving Amid IDN Disruption: New Decision Makers


August 13, 2019 | Blog

Thriving Amid IDN Disruption: New Decision Makers

Disruption is causing unprecedented change in healthcare, and to stay relevant to your customers in integrated delivery networks (IDNs), you need to elevate your selling strategies.

Disruptor 1: New Decision Makers

Today, supply chain leaders are gaining higher visibility in their organizations and moving “from the basement to the boardroom”. In many IDNs, the supply chain officer works alongside the chief medical officer, chief nursing officer, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer to support performance improvement initiatives across the enterprise.

Meanwhile, value analysis committees (VACs) in IDNs have expanded their focus beyond medical-surgical supplies and have gained powerful decision-making authority for key service lines, including orthopedics, cardiology, and neurosurgery.

Best Practices For Working With Decision Makers

It’s no secret that the IDN selling process is complex. Role-based training on market access and changing customer needs will give your sales team the skills to respond to these changing needs and bring value and solutions to their customers.

Want to better understand the most effective way to work with new decision makers? We’ve compiled a list of key questions that you must ask yourself, as well as best practices when working with decision makers.

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