Develop a New Customer Approach to the Market You Serve – Four 30-Minute Micro-Webinars


November 27, 2018 | Webinars & Events

Develop a New Customer Approach to the Market You Serve – Four 30-Minute Micro-Webinars

Today’s buyers use specific processes for acquiring products & services. The ability to navigate new processes and collaborations must be learned and adopted as part of your overall market strategy. And the need to manage and implement contracts that come from these new collaborations is incredibly important as well.

Learn how to best tailor your sales approach to your customers’ needs in four 30-minute micro-webinars. Connect with CMR Institute’s value-based selling expert Alister Barrow, and other experts from Premier, Highmark Health, and Relia-Source Inc., as they discuss market forces that have changed the approach providers, payers and the federal government use to select products and services.

CMR, along with its expert panelists, will help you position your company to become a key part of growth opportunities available in this changing market. You’ll learn how your company’s products and services can address key areas being measured by value-based care and how to present this data in a way your customers will respond to.

Join us for a series of four 30-minute micro-webinars – all designed to help you develop a new customer approach to the market you serve.

Health Systems – IDN and GPO Collaborative Models – Click Here to Access this Webinar
Bob DeVol, Director, Healthcare Innovator’s Collaborative at Premier, Inc.
In this 30-minute micro-webinar you’ll learn how the focus on cost, quality, and outcomes is changing the way IDNs and GPOs bring products into health system. You’ll also learn how best to collaborate with them to provide the information they need before they can consider the products you bring to them.
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How to Work with Fully Integrated Systems – Tuesday, 12/11, 12:30 – 1:00 pm ET
Todd Senard, Manager, Clinical Contracts, Strategic Sourcing, Allegheny Health Network
More and more hospital systems call themselves IDSs. However, IDS’s that include a health plan are often considered the only truly (or fully) integrated delivery systems. Providers are now buying payers, further complicating the vendor/health system relationship. In this 30-minute micro-webinar, you’ll learn how sales can interact in this type of system, including the relationships that should be built and how.
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Contract implementation and maximization at the field level – Friday January 11, 12:30 – 1:00 pm ET
Myla Maloney, VP, Strategic Accounts, Applied Sciences at Premier, Inc.
You’ve won the contract but the work doesn’t stop there. In this 30-minute micro-webinar, experts will discuss how to pull-through key contracts at the field level to ensure business growth and retention for years to come. Lost the contract? Learn ways to still retain business at the field level.
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Distributor model – Monday, January 21, 12:30 – 1:00 pm ET
Mike Ward, President & CEO, Relia-Source
Distributors are a common player in today’s marketplace. Join us for this 30-minute micro-webinar to learn how to expand your markets from acute, to ancillary, to alternate sites of care, and what you can do to present your products in a value-based environment to gain and retain business.
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