Did you know that CMR Institute was founded by a group of doctors who wished to raise the level of discussion between a sales representative and a provider? Their feeling at the time was that the representative could do so much more to help the provider, help their patients. The first CMR Institute course library was born of that mission, and our mission really has not changed since that time.

Over the years, of course, the library has changed in both content areas as well as design and delivery. Our focus continues to be on educating and upskilling our clients’ employees to help them understand the industry better and to be impactful to patient care. To fulfill that mission, CMR Institute updates its non-biased modules continuously. Recently, we updated a suite of evolving healthcare community modules that focus on understanding providers and their marketplace.

The following eModules have recently been fully updated in content and in design.

  • Commercial Health Insurance
  • Government Health Programs
  • Employers and Individual Consumers as Healthcare Purchasers
  • Current Trends in Healthcare
  • Overview of Key Providers
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Hospitals-Accreditation, Types, and Key Personnel
  • Alternative Healthcare Settings
  • Industry Strategies to Meet the Customers’ Needs
  • The Role of Healthcare Sales Professionals
  • Navigating a Hospital

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