Like us, you probably value the opportunity to engage with your peers in virtual conferences, webinars, and networking events. And like us, you know one common theme through all of those: the importance of engaging customers in this hybrid sales environment. This will continue to be an opportunity for growth and expansion now as well as in the post-pandemic future. So, how do you ensure your teams have what they need?

Customer Engagement Resource to Improve Sales Performance

Right now, your customers are facing new clinical and operational challenges that could provide opportunities for your team to offer support and demonstrate value. But getting access to many physicians and other decision-makers has been difficult in recent months.

To help you break through, we’ve introduced a new eBrief on Customer Engagement Strategies—Finding Success in Today’s Market.” This timely e-learning resource enhances your pharmaceutical and medical device training curriculum by providing your sales reps with tangible ideas to support their customers—whether they are calling on them in-person or virtually.

Virtual Selling Approaches to Engage Customers

We know there have been a lot of changes to how you and your customers do business in the COVID-19 era. The shift to more virtual selling may be one of the most significant.

For you and your sales team, adding virtual selling to your marketing mix may be somewhat new. We recently hosted a webinar on virtual selling, which may provide you with some ideas to make your virtual customer connections as successful as possible.

Whatever method you use to reach your customers, the essence of how you collaborate remains the same. Your sales reps need to offer a compelling value proposition that recognizes your customers’ current realities and helps address their pain points. For many providers, that means managing patients with chronic conditions whose health status may have worsened in recent months. It can also include finding ways to address clinical staff burnout, which has peaked in many areas during the pandemic. Your team should be ready to offer the right kind of support.

Off-the-Shelf Training for Pharma and Medical Device Sales Teams

CMR Institute offers a broad range of pharmaceutical and medical device sales training resources created by experts to help you improve your customer engagement. We can also customize any of our off-the-shelf training courses to meet your team’s specific needs. 

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