What differentiates successful customer-facing professionals from average ones? Successful sales professionals and account managers understand varied customer perspectives and have the negotiating and consulting skills to identify and meet customer needs. They also have the skills to leverage a number of tools and strategies to strengthen their understanding of the healthcare market and its trends, plan more strategically, and engage with customers better.

Customer-facing professionals in pharmaceutical and medical device and diagnostic companies not only have to understand the complexities of the healthcare market, but they are extremely time-pressed to identify opportunities, communicate the value of their products to various stakeholders, and gain market access.

Life sciences training leaders have the responsibility of providing sales professionals and account managers with various programs, tools, and actionable strategies to help them plan effectively and meet objectives. Our Strategies and Tools for Sales Effectiveness curriculum is designed to help training leaders build the skills crucial to the success of sales and account management teams.

What’s New?

The Strategies and Tools for Sales Effectiveness curriculum is comprised of the following seven eModules covering essential topics:

  1. Customer Focus and Its Role in Business Strategy
  2. Developing a Business Plan
  3. Engaging Your Customers: Virtual Promotion Strategies That Work
  4. Fundamentals of Project Management
  5. Project Management Tools
  6. Strategic Business Planning in a Changing Healthcare Market
  7. Tools for Economic Evaluation

The latest updates include revising discussions around the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple/Quadruple Aims to reflect the shift toward the Quintuple Aim. We’ve also expanded on the concept of e-detailing. We made the most significant updates to the Tools for Economic Evaluation eModule to help learners with a broad understanding of an economic issue make sense of data. We have reworked the Return on Experience (ROX) section and added scenario-based examples for calculating ROX to help learners understand the concept. A new section on omnichannel marketing has also been added, given the wide adoption of omnichannel marketing strategies by life sciences companies.

Our Strategies and Tools for Sales Effectiveness curriculum is essential to prepare life sciences sales and account management teams for success. Contact CMR today to save valuable time and resources with customizable and up-to-date eLearning content, ensuring your team is equipped with the latest information to build a strong partnership with their most important customers.

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Our library is continually updated to reflect the latest developments impacting life sciences professionals, helping to advance knowledge, drive performance, and improve healthcare.

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