Knowing your audience should be a top priority (if not #1!) for sales representatives interacting with healthcare providers. As the primary prescribers of medications, partnering with physicians and other practitioners is crucial for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Collaborating with doctors and other practitioners helps reps understand specific patient needs, as well as the needs of the practice, enabling them to make tailored product recommendations. Building strong relationships with physicians also fosters trust, leading to informed medical decisions and increased adoption of the pharmaceutical products they promote.

CMR Institute offers the Partnering with Physicians in Changing Times curriculum for pharmaceutical sales teams. This collection of modules helps reps understand the profile of physicians and nonphysician clinicians, develop knowledge and skills to navigate a physician practice, and engage physicians in a value-based selling environment.

What’s New?

The Partnering with Physicians in Changing Times curriculum is comprised of the following 13 eModules covering a wide range of topics:

  1. Profile of the Physician Workforce
  2. Nonphysician Clinicians
  3. Key Issues Affecting Physician Practices
  4. Healthcare as a Business
  5. Today’s Primary Care Physicians
  6. Today’s Specialists
  7. Patient/Physician Interactions
  8. Impact of the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  9. Understanding Physicians Through Relationship Selling
  10. Identifying Partnering Opportunities
  11. Providing Affirming Healthcare to LGBTQ+ Communities
  12. Navigating a Physician Practice
  13. Engaging Your Physician Practice Customers (Application eModule)

These updates include added information on physician career paths where women physicians are prevalent. To provide a more comprehensive context to sales reps, we have also included information about multispecialty practices and the staffing challenges that affect their physician revenue.

Our Providing Affirming Healthcare to LGBTQ+ Communities module now has new study information on SOGI data and new content on states restricting gender-affirming care. We have also updated data on medical education about LGBTQ+ patients and adjusted terms to reflect current language.

In the Nonphysician Clinicians module, we now have a section on the roles and responsibilities of certified registered nurse anesthetists.

With our commitment to keeping our content up-to-date and relevant, these modules reflect changes brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as extending telehealth provisions through 2024. We have also expanded on telemedicine to include online consultations.

Our Partnering with Physicians in Changing Times curriculum is essential for pharmaceutical sales teams. Contact CMR today to save valuable time and resources with customizable and up-to-date eLearning content, ensuring your team is equipped with the latest information to build a meaningful partnership with their most important customers.

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