As advancements in medicines and treatments for cancer increase, more representatives and account teams are working with oncology teams to address patient needs. It is imperative for professionals working with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic companies with oncology portfolios to have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of cancer treatment. Their success depends on their ability to understand the disease state and communicate with healthcare providers.

CMR Institute’s eLearning modules provide a comprehensive overview of cancer care, from epidemiology, screening, diagnosis, complications, and treatment.

Oncology is complex, and customer-facing sales professionals can only be effective in their jobs by developing a deep understanding of this disease, patient profile, and treatment options. The oncology marketplace is as complex as the subject itself, so CMR has specific oncology business acumen training topics to help sales professionals engage with their customers, navigate the environment, and drive results.

What’s New?

In our recent updates to the Oncology: Treatment and Management topics, we have created a new Cancer Pain Management eModule.

Now, this training is comprised of the following seven eModules:

  1. Symptoms of Cancer and Adverse Effects of its Treatment
  2. Cancer Pain Management
  3. Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer
  4. Epidemiology of Cancer
  5. Oncologic Complications
  6. Pathophysiology of Cancer
  7. Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

The new Cancer Pain Management eModule covers the current guidelines and outlines pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to managing cancer pain. This eModule explains the WHO three-step analgesic ladder and NCCN guidelines for adult cancer pain.

We have significantly updated the Symptoms of Cancer and Adverse Effects of its Treatment eModule by expanding the section on drug therapy and adding explanations for the nutritional consequences of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and biotherapy.

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