Effective communication is essential to organizational success. All team members, especially managers, must foster a collaborative, supportive environment based on open communication and trust, building engagement and productivity.

Effective communication, however, requires practice. Business communication takes different forms and isn’t limited to speech. Understanding the fundamentals of effective business communication helps achieve organizational goals and objectives, builds internal and external relationships, and facilitates innovation.

CMR Institute offers the Managing Business Communication curriculum for life sciences companies to develop this critical skill for employees. Over time, communication methods and processes have evolved with the workforce becoming more diverse and multicultural. Additionally, hybrid work environments and social media have added a new dimension to communication practices. The onus lies on organizations to create awareness and sensitivity in employees about diversity, equity, and multiculturalism and build skills to communicate effectively in various scenarios.

What’s New?

With our dedication to keeping content up-to-date and relevant, we have made significant updates to the Managing Business Communication curriculum, comprised of the following 10 eModules:

  1. Managing by Communicating
  2. Effective Business Communication
  3. The Communication Process Model
  4. Elements of Skillful Communication
  5. Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
  6. Crafting an Effective Written Message
  7. Choosing the Right Form of Business Communication
  8. Conducting Team Meetings and Managing Conflict
  9. Crafting Business Presentations that Make an Impact
  10. Multicultural Communication

The updates involved expanding our sections on hybrid meetings and informal communication for today’s workforce. Another key update was around the role of effective communication in creating psychological safety in a workplace.

We made major updates to the module on effective communication in a diverse and inclusive workplace. Learners will be able to understand the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in general and from the perspective of life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Through scenario-based learning, they will grasp how demographic differences require various management and communication approaches. Through expanding the information around the role of socioeconomic status within the workplace, revising the sections on disabilities and gender identity, and adding a section on intersectionality, this curriculum is designed to equip learners to contribute to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

We have updated the module on conducting team meetings and managing conflict to reflect today’s work environment by replacing teleconferences with hybrid and virtual meetings and adding a new case study.

Lastly, we have introduced a new scenario-based module that helps learners understand multicultural, cross-cultural, and intercultural communication and cultural layers. The module also includes a section on cultural values for Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

You can use this Managing Business Communication curriculum for training employees across departments. You can include specific modules in field training and management and leadership development programs.

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