Managed care is a healthcare delivery system in the U.S. that incentivizes providers to control costs while improving clinical outcomes. Managed care has evolved over time, shifting its focus from containing costs and utilization to improving value, which considers clinical quality and the patient care experience.

Today, most of the U.S. population is covered by some form of managed care, whether through employer-sponsored plans, Medicare Advantage plans, or Medicaid managed care programs. Understanding the elements involved in managed care and the ability to navigate the managed care organizations is imperative for all customer-facing teams of pharmaceutical companies.

CMR Institute offers Managed Healthcare Market curriculum to help pharmaceutical companies develop the knowledge and skills of their field sales and account management teams to handle a wide range of financial, legal, and strategic issues while gaining market access for their products. This curriculum enables learners to address three key elements:

  • “Why” stakeholders in MCOs should care about the initiatives on which they are focused,
  • “What” must be communicated to address various issues and initiatives discussed, and
  • “How” each stakeholder can implement a process to achieve ideal clinical and financial outcomes for the target population.

What’s New?

With our dedication to keeping content up-to-date and relevant, we have made significant updates to the Managed Healthcare Market curriculum comprised of the following 10 eModules:

  1. An Overview and History of Managed Healthcare
  2. Cost-Containment Strategies in Managed Healthcare
  3. Evaluating and Improving the Quality of Managed Care
  4. Disease Management as a Component of Managed Care
  5. Information Technology in Managed Healthcare
  6. Managed Care and the Expanding Care Team
  7. Hospitals and Post-Acute Providers in the Managed Care Environment
  8. The Managed Care Pharmacy
  9. How Trends and Forces in Managed Care Are Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry
  10. Opportunities for Representatives in Managed Healthcare

One of the major updates is centered on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the prevalence of telemedicine in the United States. With the wide adoption of artificial intelligence in the industry, we have expounded upon the technological challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

As the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) shifts its focus away from the Triple Aim and toward the Quintuple Aim, we’ve done the same. We draw attention to the two newest goals of the Quintuple Aim: addressing provider burnout and advancing health equity. We’ve also added information about “high utilizer” patients and healthcare costs. We have updated statistics and data across the eModules to bring the content up to date.

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