This April, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the Benefit and Payment Parameters Final Rule of 2024, establishing standardized guidelines for issuers and Marketplaces. It also outlines specific requirements for agents, brokers, web-brokers, and assisters who help consumers navigate enrollment through Marketplaces utilizing the Federal platform. These updates aim to promote health equity by improving access to quality and affordable care and addressing the health disparities within our healthcare system.

CMR Institute has a comprehensive library of eLearning modules on various industry topics designed to equip multiple roles within the pharmaceutical and medical device and diagnostic companies with knowledge about the healthcare marketplace and policies.

What’s New?

We made updates to two courses, Government Healthcare Programs and The Health Insurance Marketplace, to reflect the Benefit and Payment Parameters Final Rule of 2024 updates.

The Government Healthcare Programs eModule focuses on government payment approaches, including Medicare and Medicaid and federal programs that help ensure people without insurance have access to care. It also looks at the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The eModule is updated with information about the recent 2024 ACA policy changes, such as how plans may carry up to four options for visual and dental coverage (up from two), a special enrollment period for Medicaid and CHIP coverage, and expanded access to mental healthcare facilities and substance abuse treatment centers. This eModule is part of our larger library of Evolving Healthcare Community topics.

The Health Insurance Marketplace eModule explores the main features of the market, how state health insurance continues to evolve, and the implications for various stakeholders, including life sciences companies. Our recent updates have added information about the 2024 Final Rule, including insights on the special enrollment period for Medicaid and CHIP coverage as well as new coverage for essential mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment. This eModule is part of our larger library of Market Access Reimbursement group topics.

It is vital to the success of customer-facing sales professionals to be aware of the latest policy updates and their impact on all stakeholders. Our content library is always up-to-date and provides quality insights into an ever-changing market.

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CMR Institute always remains vigilant to the changes in this complex healthcare marketplace. Our commitment to our clients and learners is to quickly make appropriate updates to our content, whether within our rigorous review process or driven by a market shift that needs to be addressed immediately.

Our library is continually updated to reflect the latest developments impacting life sciences professionals, helping to advance knowledge, drive performance, and improve healthcare.

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