The $4.5 Trillion US healthcare system is undergoing rapid and profound changes. There are power shifts amongst the major players. The payment mechanism is moving from a fee-for-service to a value-based model. There is increased competition with new entrants looking to meet consumers’ needs better.

In this dynamic environment, it is critical for life sciences industry stakeholders to understand how these dollars change hands, how hospitals and other provider organizations operate, where decision-making is taking place, and how commercial and government insurance plans function.

CMR Institute offers the Evolving Healthcare Community curriculum for life sciences professionals to develop a deep understanding of the healthcare system in their customer-facing teams. This curriculum equips life sciences sales professionals with strategies to navigate a hospital and effectively engage with customers.

What’s New?

The Evolving Healthcare Community curriculum is comprised of the following 10 eModules covering a wide range of topics:

  1. Commercial Health Insurance
  2. Government Healthcare Programs
  3. Employers and Individual Consumers as Healthcare Purchasers
  4. Current Trends in Healthcare
  5. Overview of Key Providers
  6. Patient-Centered Care
  7. Hospitals—Accreditation, Types, and Key Personnel
  8. Industry Strategies to Meet the Customers’ Needs
  9. The Role of Life Science Sales Professionals
  10. Navigating a Hospital

The updates involved adding and expanding on sections about employers that offer health insurance, the costs of providing health insurance, and strategies used to combat these costs.

We made the module, “Current Trends in Healthcare” more succinct by removing obsolete information and updating the key learning objectives to better align with the industry landscape. Along with understanding the average healthcare costs for Americans and newer legislations, this module helps sales professionals learn about the role of disease management and population health management in greater detail.

With increased emphasis on value-based  care, the “Patient-Centered Care” module focuses on patient education and the benefits and challenges of achieving health literacy based on the “Healthy People 2030” HHS Report.

These new updates help life sciences sales professionals understand the impact of not just the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the challenges posed by the aging population. The curriculum covers the issues hospitals face due to staff shortages and the need for greater cybersecurity.

Finally, we have elaborated on territory analysis and factors influencing providers, as well as the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gaining access to customers.

The Evolving Healthcare Community curriculum is essential for sales and account management professionals, as well as all customer-facing life sciences teams. Contact CMR today to save valuable time and resources with customizable and up-to-date eLearning content, ensuring your team is equipped with the latest information to navigate the complex healthcare system.

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Our library is continually updated to reflect the latest developments impacting life sciences professionals, helping to advance knowledge, drive performance, and improve healthcare.

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