As clinicians are expected to deliver increasingly positive patient outcomes, so too are the treatments they prescribe. In such an evidence-driven industry, healthcare providers look pharmaceutical sales representatives to present them with accurate, up-to-date scientific evidence on new therapeutics and how these treatments stand apart from the rest.

CMR Institute’s Applications of Evidence-Based Medicine training equips pharmaceutical sales representatives with the knowledge and skills to become a true partner to medical professionals and other stakeholders. This training, composed of 17 eModules, helps sales representatives understand the key elements of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and human therapeutics, ranging from the essentials of drug development and post-marketing research, to educating clinicians about new treatments with the potential to help their patients.

When life science professionals understand EBM, they can help their customers make informed decisions, minimize the potential for harm from ineffective interventions, reduce healthcare costs by avoiding unnecessary treatments, and ultimately, improve quality of care and outcomes for patients.

What’s New?

In order to provide more targeted content for our learners, we merged two previous eModules into one: An Overview of Evidence-Based Medicine. This new eModule characterizes three main components of EBM, describes healthcare providers’ challenges in making informed clinical decisions, draws comparisons between traditional approaches and EBM, and discusses EBM’s challenges and limitations.

The following 17 eModules make the Applications of Evidence-Based Medicine training:

  1. The Drug Development Process
  2. Postmarketing Drug Research
  3. Opportunities Behind the Clinician’s Evidence-Based Medicine Challenge
  4. Evidence-Based Medicine as a Sales Framework
  5. Effective Evidence-Based Medicine-Oriented Sales Calls
  6. An Overview of Evidence-Based Medicine
  7. Understanding the Evidence-Based Medicine Process
  8. Essential Elements of Clinical Trials
  9. Sources of R&D Funding
  10. Research Protocols
  11. Experimental Designs
  12. Methods of Controlling Bias in Clinical Trials
  13. Trial Design from a Clinical Perspective
  14. Research Reports and the Role of Statistical Analysis
  15. The Anatomy of a Clinical Reprint
  16. Factors that Affect the Validity of Trial Results
  17. Evaluating the Importance and Clinical Relevance of Study Results

We have significantly updated the Essential Elements of Clinical Trials eModule by adding the ICH recommended research protocols and the protocol creation process. The Sources of R&D Funding eModule has been updated with information surrounding the 2022 NIH budget and establishment of ARPA-H and Operation Warp Speed and COVID-19 vaccine development, along with updates to statistics on sources that fund biopharmaceutical research.

Data and statistics have been updated across all eModules to the most recent figures.

We have also redesigned the Effective Evidence-Based Medicine-Oriented Sales Calls eModule to first-person branching scenario-based learning, making it more engaging for learners.

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