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Together with experts from the industry, CMR Institute has updated our entire suite of Nervous System eLearning courses to reflect current research and trends – providing you and your team with the latest and greatest information available.

Updating the content is only part of our equation for success – the presentation of the content has also been beautifully and thoughtfully updated with today’s learners in mind. All of the eLearning courses will play beautifully on any device, are interactive and give learners complete control over their learning experience.

A Few Updated Highlights


  • Updated etiology of the disease by discussing recent research advances concerning the Serotonin Hypothesis Theory.
  • Updated available treatments to now include calcium-gene-related-peptides (CGRPs).

Parkinson’s Disease:

  • Update includes a discussion of recent research findings that propose MAO-B inhibitors may slow the progression of the disease when given for longer time periods.
  • Updated new candidate therapies for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, including exanatide, opicapone, and istradefylline.

Alzheimer’s Disease:

  • Updates include a description of recent research studies that identified several gene variants other than APOE that are now linked to an increase or decrease in risk of the disease.
  • Updated risk factors to now include insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Therapeutic agents that are used to treat symptoms of the disease are now included.
  • Treatment of the disease now includes a description of current investigations including a discussion of the clinical trials studying the development of novel treatment approaches, precision medicine, and also lifestyle factors that may prevent the disease.

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Available Nervous System eLearning Courses

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • An Introduction to Neurological Disorders
  • Basic Components of the Nervous System
  • Migraine
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • The Autonomic and Somatic Nervous Systems

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