Life science marketing shares most of the tasks, goals, and challenges of all commercial marketing departments. However, because human health and lives are at stake, and because the healthcare delivery system includes so many different stakeholders, life science marketing faces additional unique challenges. To succeed, life science marketing departments must:

  • Recoup research and development costs and earn a profit before a drugs’ patents expire.
  • Conform with FDA and other government regulations for promoting products.
  • Deliver the appropriate marketing messages to the right individuals, a complex task, since these include prescribers, influencers, provider organizations, patients and payers.

Having a solid understanding of how marketing departments work, the different components of market research, what the new marketing trends are, how marketing is working in the new managed care marketplace and the regulations that govern life science marketing can help your sales reps and account management teams increase their effectiveness in the field.

CMR Institute has a vast array of content offerings related to Life Science Marketing to help inform, educate and train your salesforce.  Together with marketing experts, we have revised our suite of Life Science Marketing eLearning courses to reflect current guidelines and trends

Available Life Science Marketing eLearning Courses

  • Evolution of Biopharmaceutical Marketing
  • The Role of Marketing across the Product Life Cycle
  • Market Research in the Life Science Industry
  • The Marketing Department Staff and Environment
  • Communication Strategies: Targeting Providers
  • Communication Strategies: Targeting Patients and Multiple Audiences
  • Regulations Governing Life Science Marketing
  • Marketing to the New Managed Care Marketplace
  • Trends in Life Science Marketing

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