Building a relevant and comprehensive learning strategy for customer-facing teams has become even more complex during the COVID-19 crisis. But what hasn’t changed is your responsibility to support your internal customers in sales, marketing, market access, and other functions.

As a learning leader, you have a range of strategies that you can use to help your stakeholder customers reach their most important short- and long-term goals. Here, we offer some key questions and approaches to consider as you strategize in the critical months ahead.

For more strategic questions posed by your learning leader peers, as well as proven solutions to consider, we invite you to download this strategic resource: Creating Learning Strategy in Uncertain Times

Download: Creating Learning Strategy in Uncertain Times

2021 continues to present opportunities for the life sciences industry to provide value to their clients. From understanding the complex, ever-changing marketplace, to learning skills like virtual selling and empathy – CMR has the off-the-shelf eLearning content library to help! We work with industry and content experts to keep the content relevant, engaging, and up to date, especially with the expected healthcare changes expected in 2021.

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