Compliance And Regulatory Training

Compliance And Regulatory Training

Tasked with putting together training for HIPAA or regulatory initiatives? Struggling to find the people or the time to get it done?

Need Training On Compliance Topics?

Are you in need of training on certain HR or Compliance topics, like yesterday? Compliance training helps employees understand the legal boundaries within which an organization operates and serves to educate employees on the laws and regulations pertaining to their specific job function.

CMR’s training provides an understanding of the laws and regulations that are shaping the industry and how they may impact customer interactions. 

Compliance Training Programs

CMR Institute resources ensure our clients have the tools they need to meet specific compliance challenges including state licensure requirements.

Compliance and Regulatory Training

CMR Institute offers compliance training courses to assist its clients as they strive to meet their compliance-related goals. Topics include The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule, and other ethical and regulatory compliance training.

SafeRx Act Requirements – Washington, DC

All pharmaceutical sales personnel who engage in the practice of pharmaceutical detailing in the District of Columbia must comply every two years. CMR Institute offers pharmaceutical compliance training courses to fulfill those requirements.

Chicago Representative Licensure Program

The City of Chicago Department of Health requires annual licensure and continuing education for pharmaceutical representatives who work in the City of Chicago. CMR offers pharmaceutical compliance training courses to satisfy the continuing education requirements mandated by the City of Chicago Ordinance.

Want To Learn More?

CMR is an educational nonprofit, with unbiased learning solutions that are always updated and affordable. Our training solutions are quick, relevant, beautifully designed, interactive, and always up-to-date with 400+ learning resources. Contact our solutions specialists by email or call (800) 328-2615.


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