November 9, 2017 | Blog

Competency Mapping: A Strategic Resource

Today’s healthcare market requires flexible, skilled sales professionals who help their organization succeed and provide a competitive advantage. To meet this need successfully, job role competencies must be related to corporate strategy. CMR Institute helps companies link corporate strategy to specific sales roles by first developing a thorough understanding of client needs and ideal outcomes.

We integrate a consultative approach that involves pinpointing competencies needed for success, identifying performance gaps, understanding the level of current competence and required outcomes, and then creating a comprehensive content mapping document.

After further collaboration with our clients, we fine-tune a training plan that identifies the specific performance outcomes (skills, knowledge, and behaviors) and recommended resources required to meet the organization’s strategic goals.

Through its consultation services, CMR works with trainers and other key stakeholders to create formal or informal training programs for use in areas like new hire and onboarding, market access, or leadership or to simply enhance or update knowledge and skills of existing employees through continuous learning programs. These training programs can be fully designed to support each position using role and time-specific resources like coaching guides, podcasts, engaging and application-based eModules, or short whitepapers.

Appropriate resources can be identified for each competency, providing companies with a training plan that fills gaps, solves a business need and supplements and enhances your current training program(s).

Click here to learn how CMR’s consultative services can be a strategic resource to your organization, helping you design and deliver a customized training solution that meets your specific needs.

And our learner and client support teams don’t just stop once we deliver the content. We understand that business needs change and CMR helps companies continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their programs to ensure their sales teams are maintaining a competitive advantage and bringing value to your organization, thereby helping you demonstrate the value of your training investment.

Take advantage of this strategic resource to meet your training needs and successfully position your sales teams for success. Click here to learn how CMR can design a unique training plan for your organization that delivers the results you need. For more information contact CMR today at or 800-328-2615.

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