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A Significant Revenue Steam For Customers

“Buy and bill” can represent a significant revenue stream for your customers. But how well does your sales team understand this distribution and reimbursement model? Without the proper training on this topic, sales professionals may fail to adequately demonstrate their knowledge and credibility with specialists.

Understanding The Basics Of "Buy And Bill"

How a specialty drug ultimately reaches the patient—and how it is paid for by that patient’s insurance—varies considerably depending on how it is reimbursed.

Currently, there are two main ways that a specialty drug can be reimbursed as it flows through the supply chain:

  • As a medical benefit through the “buy-and-bill” model
  • As a pharmacy benefit

But there’s a lot more to know about these models.

Beyond The Basics

To help sales professionals understand the different models—and their implications for their valued specialist customers—CMR Institute has developed a new training course on buy and bill. View a demo of this valuable resource.

This engaging training course was developed to complement your sales team’s knowledge and proficiency in the specialty drug market. Specifically, the buy-and-bill training course can help your sales team answer questions such as:

  • What are the differences between the medical benefit (buy and bill) and the pharmacy benefit?
  • What is the role of providers, distributors, and specialty pharmacies in each type of reimbursement and distribution model?
  • What is “white bagging” and “brown bagging”? How do these workarounds allow payers to reimburse specialty drugs under the pharmacy benefit rather than through the buy-and-bill model?

Training For Today's Specialty Environment

Under which type of model are payers more likely to use prior authorization and other strategies to manage the cost of specialty drugs?

Understanding Buy and Bill is just a component of the training needed to succeed in today’s specialty environment. CMR has a suite of resources that will help sales teams understand unique market factors and build skills that are needed to make an impact in today’s landscape.

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about this course or our other specialty drug training courses.

Specialty Resources

Schedule a meeting today to learn about this course and our other Specialty Drugs training resources:

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