Pharmaceutical Readiness Certificate Program

Looking for the next opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry?

Sales professionals with little experience in life sciences will need a better understanding of the customer environment, the regulatory setting, and a sense of how this changing marketplace is impacting all of healthcare, its providers and its decision-makers. This understanding is vital as you speak with hiring managers throughout the industry.

Based on decades of work with successful sales representatives, account managers, account directors, training leaders, and human resources leaders, CMR offers a certificate of eLearning modules that will help you mix your sales experience with a better understanding of the industry to make your best, first impression.

This certificate program consists of 10 relevant eLearning courses, which are listed below. (about 5 hours of self-paced online learning)

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Pharmaceutical Readiness Certificate Courses


Follow the Dollar: From Manufacturer to Patient

This module presents a high-level view of the distribution and payment of pharmaceutical products. It traces products through the supply chain, examines the roles of stakeholders, payers, and consumers.

Challenges Facing the Biopharmaceutical Industry

This module discusses products, programs, and technologies that are in place to address the challenges presented by managed care attempts to address healthcare costs, globalization, and the growing program of counterfeit biopharmaceuticals.

Major Healthcare Payers and Managed Care Payment

This module provides an overview of the major payers and payment arrangements. Learn how payers are shifting from fee-for-service payment arrangements to various risk-based arrangements.

Ethics in Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

This module focuses on these issues, including a discussion of promotional gifts and educational support. It also discusses industry guidelines for interactions between life sciences sales reps and healthcare professionals.

Impact of the HIPAA
Privacy Rule

This module focuses on the Privacy Rule, discusses the effect HIPAA has on physician practices, including the impact it has on the technological programs that disseminate patient information.

Elements of Good

This module describes the elements of good communication, including synergy and the win/win approach, rapport, and handling criticism and conflict.

Navigating the Healthcare Industry in the 21st Century

This module discusses some of the skills that healthcare sales professionals require to grow and succeed in their territories and within their organizations.

The Drug Development

This module provides an overview of the process involved in taking a new drug from the laboratory to clinicians offices.

An Introduction to the Language of Medicine

This module provides an introduction to the cornerstones of clinical vocabulary and medical terminology, reference points clinicians commonly use and helps you understand how medical terms are derived and constructed.

Systems of the Body

This module provides a general orientation to the systems of the body and its associated organs, grouped according to the general areas of function.