Roanoke, VA – February 16, 2024 – CMR Institute, a leading provider of educational solutions for the life sciences industry, has announced the launch of a new eLearning module titled “Omnichannel Marketing in the Life Sciences Industry.”

The newest addition to their customizable off-the-shelf library of training resources, this module is designed to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic companies prepare their commercial teams to support omnichannel marketing.

“As the life sciences industry continues to shift, embracing evolving omnichannel marketing approaches is imperative for companies seeking to enhance customer experiences and drive market access. With our new module, professionals can embark on a journey toward mastering the art of omnichannel marketing, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for success in today’s competitive landscape,” said Sharon Lustig, Senior Vice President at CMR Institute.

CMR Institute recognizes that the roles and responsibilities of commercial teams in omnichannel marketing may differ from one company to another, while understanding the need to engage with physicians, hospital systems, payers, and patients remains the same. Therefore, the Omnichannel Marketing in the Life Sciences Industry module is developed to provide the foundation for commercial teams of companies of different sizes and focus areas.

“Learning from our powerful life sciences library, professionals grow their skills, capabilities, and credibility to positively impact their customers,” Sharon added.

For more information about this eLearning module, click here.

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