CMR Develops Pediatric Nutrition & Health Program For Nestle Nutrition Institute


June 6, 2019 | Blog

CMR Develops Pediatric Nutrition & Health Program For Nestle Nutrition Institute

We are so honored to be a finalist for LTEN’s Excellence Awards in the category of Industry Partnership!

The LTEN Award recognizes suppliers for their work, content development, delivery/training, in support of an organizations learning and development function.

Below is the Nestle Nutrition Institution case study that we were nominated for.

Program Summary

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The program that CMR developed, is available and promoted to thousands of pediatricians around the globe in client-identified key markets. 100% of the content that CMR created is pediatrician recommended content.

Methods & Approach

CMR Institute developed a series of eLearning courses for our client, Nestle Nutrition Institute, on the topic of pediatric nutrition and health. Custom coding and advanced custom developed analytics were design to fit the client’s exact technology needs.

More than 50 eLearning courses were developed, with more than 20,000 launches.


To measure the effectiveness of this on demand, global training initiative, we embedded a survey at the end of the content and the results were overwhelmingly positive. One participant stated that “it is an extraordinary course, easy to understand and work in.”


Based on the success of the US Program, global demand for the client’s content increased significantly and was translated to five other languages!

Learn How CMR Can Help Your Program

If you have questions or would like more information on the program CMR developed, contact us at or call CMR at 800.328.2615.

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