The Client

An international medical device division of a healthcare company with more than 70,000 employees worldwide.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to develop a substantive customized eLearning module on the ins and outs of hospital selling for new hires and other commercial sales roles. The client’s hiring model had recently changed and new hires no longer had specific hospital sales experience or even a healthcare background.

After reviewing available off-the-shelf resources, they determined that no single existing resource would meet their needs. They turned to CMR Institute to customize a suite of off-the-shelf hospital resources into one comprehensive, highly interactive eLearning module that would serve as the foundation for their hospital sales training.

The Approach

Working with this medical device company, CMR developed a substantive eLearning module on the ins and outs of hospital selling for new hires and other commercial sales roles. Together, they worked to customize existing CMR “off the shelf” content into a streamlined eLearning module that would effectively prepare new hires for working with some of their company’s most important customers. The module utilized unique design and navigation that allowed users to “visit” areas of the hospital applicable to their specific customers and/or products.

The CMR Solution

  • Collaborated and identified the CMR Institute off-the-shelf resources that were relevant to this project:
    • Hospital – Accreditation, Types, and Key Personnel
    • Navigating a Hospital
    • Types of Hospitals
    • Selling in a Hospital Environment
    • Business Planning: Developing a Hospital Profile
    • Integrated Delivery Networks and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Created the consolidated course employing the most up-to-date instructional design principles for adult and eLearning
  • Designed the course so that learners can seek out additional, “nice-to-know” content on a given topic at their own pace, based on their experience level
  • Included review questions interspersed throughout the module as well as a final assessment
  • Built plan for ongoing learner feedback which is collected quarterly

The Results

  • This course helped the client change its hiring model from one that required hospital selling to one that considers candidates that did not have this experience.
  • The customized module was built in half the time and half the cost than other estimates
  • Allowed for standardization of knowledge on the hospital environment

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