Take a Look! We Know You’ll Love What You See!


Take a Look! We Know You’ll Love What You See!

Account Management

Account management teams must leverage a well-developed business acumen to cater to each healthcare system's unique challenges. To meet that challenge, they need targeted learning. To view a few of our offerings:
• Strategies for Effective Account Management
• The Account Management Process (an application eModule)
And two microlearning resources:
• Aligning with the C-Suite on Shared Goals (a collection of podcasts)
• MicroMinutes: Triple Aim

Hospital Selling

Select this free trial to view courses specific to the hospital selling environment and those unique challenges:
• Navigating a Hospital
• Understanding MACRA and its Impact on Physicians
And two microlearning resources:
• Hospital Selling (a collection of thought leader podcasts)
• Business Planning Tool: Developing a Hospital Profile

Leadership and Management

For a sampling of CMR's robust offerings in leadership and management, request a look inside to view eLearning courses:
• Coaching Employees
• Managing Projects, Resource, and Change in the Workplace
• Microminutes: Leadership

Market Access

CMR partners with clients to customize market access training programs to meet unique needs. With this Free Trial, you will get access to the following eLearning titles:
• Partnering with Organized Providers
• IDNs and ACOs
• Measuring the Patient Experience
• PLUS a look inside two microlearning resources on value-based care, and payers, providers and population health.

New Hire (Pharma specific)

CMR partners with our clients to tailor their new hire and on-boarding training. Take a look inside some of our foundational eLearning modules:
• Introduction to the Language of Medicine
• Basic Principles of Drug Actions
• Elements of Good Communication
• Engaging in a Productive Dialogue about Drug Prices

Specialty Market

As market dynamics change in this challenging market, take a look inside courses that CMR will tailor for your teams.
• Understanding Buy and Bill
• Partnering with Specialists
• Protecting Market Access as Biosimilars Emerge
• The Cost of Specialty Drugs