Our vast array of off-the-shelf training resources and techniques can be tailored to any level of expertise in the life sciences.

Customizable, Off-the-Shelf Blended Resources

For maximum results, we recommend a multi-pronged blended learning approach that can include eLearning courses, podcasts, workshops, whitepapers, application tools, microlearning assets, coaching tools and more. These resources combined together aid in pull-through, reinforcement, and provide opportunities for practice.

With your specific organizational goals in mind, CMR Institute can tailor a unique plan that provides an expert, efficient, and scalable learning solution that will deliver results.

Learning that Drives Results

CMR Institute resources improve the performance and effectiveness of commercial sales teams. Is your current training providing the same results? More than three out of four learners use our resources to help change customer decisions regarding a product.

Over 80% of our learners use our resources to establish credible relationships with their customers.

Over 80% of our learners use our resources to best position their products in a value-driven marketplace.

In a recent client study, a 10% reduction in turnover and a 20% increase in sales rankings was documented for their CMR learning participants. We make positive change happen. Maximize your investment and your sales performance with CMR.

Role or Competency-Based Alignment

We have a passion for designing training programs that deliver results for commercial sales roles in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device & Diagnostic industries including sales representatives, account managers, key account teams and leaders. Each of these roles has distinct needs in relation to their customers – we understand that different types and depth of knowledge are necessary to make the connection that leads to the sale.

The CMR Institute Learning Solutions team will take the time to learn about your various roles, their challenges, and their customers. We’ll help you augment your existing training and sales model and/or implement new programming to close gaps, increase confidence and skills, and provide the outcomes you need.

Innovative Development and Delivery Technology

CMR’s instructional designers are passionate about learning design and utilize innovative technologies to create learning that makes a difference. Technology can make or break a great learning experience so we spend time ensuring that our content works seamlessly across all devices and browsers.
When it comes to delivery – we can support your needs through a variety of ways including hosting content for you on our LMS, using your LMS to host our content, or we can create a custom solution when an LMS is not preferred but tracking is critical. Our content can be published to a variety of formats to meet our clients’ needs including AICC, SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, HTML5, and Tin Can API.

Enhanced Customer Connections

CMR Institute resources are designed to enhance the connection between your sales team and their customers. Sales teams need to understand the customers’ challenges and the environment in which they work. Make the most out of your sales model investment by arming your sales team with the right information and skills to formulate relevant solutions in the moment. CMR Institute offers that support, as evidenced by 82% of our learners who tell us that our resources provide them with the ability to establish credible relationships with customers.