Pharmaceutical Business Acumen Training

The healthcare marketplace is complex and continually evolving. To be successful in such a dynamic environment, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic sales professionals will need to continue selling the value of their drug, device, or service. In other words, how it can help customers boost revenue while improving clinical outcomes and the patient experience.

But value-based selling takes more than customer data and product knowledge: It also takes strong business acumen. Understanding value-based care and other key business issues facing your customers is essential for account managers, field reimbursement managers, patient access specialists, medical science liaisons, and anyone else who interacts with providers.

Strong business acumen is needed to navigate the healthcare system to gain physician access face-to-face or screen-to-screen. Therefore, it is imperative for pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies to prepare their sales teams to engage with practitioners and gain market access through a deeper understanding of their customer’s challenges and needs.

CMR’s library of business acumen training comprises:

    1. Account Planning
    2. Communication Skills
    3. Managed Markets
    4. Market Dynamics
    5. Market Access
    6. ACOs/IDNs/Hospital Selling
    7. Contracting
    8. Payers and Reimbursement
    9. Selling Skills
    10. Value-Based Selling

There are a dozen or more eLearning modules in each topic cluster. Our innovative off-the-shelf learning library empowers teams and leaders of life sciences organizations to create customizable learning pathways to meet their unique learning needs.

Our library is continually updated to reflect the latest developments impacting life sciences professionals. It saves learning and development leaders time and resources on curriculum updates.

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Oncology Business Acumen

CMR Institute offers oncology business acumen training that provides information about the dynamic oncology-specific marketplace, including oncology clinical pathways training, reimbursement, and the impact of COVID-19. With the ever-increasing complexity of the oncology marketplace, the need for business acumen content is more important than ever to continue understanding the environment and connecting with today’s customers.

CMR’s library of oncology business acumen training is comprised of the following eModules:

    1. The Oncology Care Model: Results and Next Steps
    2. The Enhancing Oncology Model: An Evolving Framework for Care Coordination
    3. The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Oncology Customers
    4. Oncology Utilization Management: Prior Authorizations in Oncology
    5. Oncology Utilization Management: Managing to FDA Labeling
    6. Oncology Utilization Management: Setting Quantity Limits and Using Split-Fill Programs
    7. Oncology Utilization Management: Implementing Step Edits
    8. Oncology Utilization Management: Increasing Patient Cost-Sharing and Using Tiered Formularies
    9. Oncology Utilization Management: Excluding Drugs from the Formulary
    10. Oncology Utilization Management: Using Case Management
    11. Oncology Utilization Management: Optimizing the Site of Care
    12. Oncology Clinical Pathways (3 eBriefs)

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With CMR’s pharmaceutical business acumen training courses, pharmaceutical account management teams will have the knowledge and skills necessary to:

    • Navigate the healthcare system to gain physician access
    • Sell in a value-conscious environment
    • Engage with finance leaders to discuss various service and purchase models
    • Build strategic relationships with decision-makers in the c-suite, both in-person and virtually


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