November 1, 2018 | Webinars & Events

Are You Getting the Behavior Change You Need from Your Training Strategy?

Due to the wildly successful Learning Labs at the LTEN Annual Conference, CMR Institute is providing two short, high impact 30-minute micro-webinars.

Below you will find the recording for the second webinar in this series. You can find the first webinar HERE.

As learning leaders, we often get so focused on producing a “learning event” like launching an eLearning course or facilitating a workshop that we end up spending our time working for our training strategy when we should be making our training strategy work for us to reinforce learning and truly change behavior.

In this webinar, you will learn effective ways to add application and reinforcement into your overall learning strategy with proven real-world techniques from your industry peers. Jason Zeman, Senior Director of Leadership & Organizational Development at Bausch Health and Jeff Taylor, Senior Director of Sales Training at Ipsen will be joining us to share their experiences and results.

You will also learn the key steps to integrating measurement and pull-through into your learning strategy. Doing a few key things up front can ensure that your training strategy is working for you to deliver the behavior change and the results you need.

Don’t forget to listen to the first webinar in this series! You can find it HERE.

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