AMR, ASM, and Pharma Readiness Certificates

CMR Institute provides industry-recognized credential programs to our clients. Offered through their employer, participants gain highly relevant knowledge while earning these respected professional credentials. These self-paced educational pathways for sales professionals or managers offer many options for meeting the requirements and completing the programs. Contact us to explore these programs for your teams.

We also offer a pharmaceutical readiness program directly to individuals who are looking to build some expertise while pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sales. Register below to learn more about medical sales rep certification or pharmaceutical sales representative certificate program.

AMR Credentials

Advanced Medical Representative (AMR) Program builds an advanced level of knowledge in science, medicine, disease management, business acumen and others while allowing flexible learning pathways with a specific focus.

The AMR Program requires 30 credits for completion including the following:

  • MANDATORY: 9 credits are required from completion of the 4C ® (Core Competencies, Capabilities and Credibility) Certificate Program. This certificate contains modules in ethics, regulatory information, pharmacology, disease management, and other basics.
  • The 21 remaining credits may come from CMR’s extensive eModule catalog.
  • Modules are online and require only 20-30 minutes to complete.
  • Each module carries .25 credits (4 modules = 1 credit).
  • Range of topics allows each employer and participant to choose from relevant key knowledge areas.

ASM Credentials

Advanced Sales Management (ASM) Program builds essential sales management expertise including team building, coaching, mentoring, communicating effectively, and managing a district as a business. This program benefits professionals who are on a management career track or in their first few years of management.

The ASM Program requires 25 credits for completion including the following:

The 17 remaining CMRI® credits may come from CMR Institute’s topic based library and other selected modules.

  • Modules are online and require only 20-30 minutes to complete
  • Each module carries .25 credits (4 modules = 1 credit)
  • Range of topics allows each employer and participant to choose from relevant key knowledge areas

Pharmaceutical Readiness Certificate

Sales professionals with little experience in life sciences will need a better understanding of the customer environment, the regulatory setting, and a sense of how this changing marketplace is impacting all of healthcare, its providers and its decision-makers. This understanding is vital as you speak with hiring managers throughout the industry. 

CMR Institute provides a certificate of elearning that will help you mix your sales experience with a better understanding of the industry to make your best, first impression.

To Get Started:

Click here to register for the program. Once your profile is created, you will receive an email with instructions to access the catalog where you can purchase this certificate program for $299 for unlimited access to the eModules for one year.

This Certificate Program provides 10 self-paced online courses – about 6 hours of eLearning – of relevant, up-to-date and engaging learning for those who wish to build their fundamental knowledge of the industry.

  • An Introduction to the Language of Medicine
  • Challenges Facing the Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Elements of Good Communication
  • Ethics in Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
  • Follow the Dollar: from Manufacturer to Patient
  • Impact of the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Major Healthcare Payers and Managed Care Payment
  • Skills for Navigating the Healthcare Industry in the 21st Century
  • Systems of the Body
  • The Drug Development Process