November 10, 2016 | Blog

Innovative Training Strategies for Effective Account Management

Does your team have an innovative account management strategy for payers and new decision makers?

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, a cohesive account management strategy is needed for all commercial roles. Today’s new decision makers demand sales professionals who can speak to the issues and challenges they are facing today. These challenges require a new set of competencies and a new approach to account management for all commercial roles, from new hires to Key Account Managers.

Training plays a key role in preparing commercial sales teams to meet today’s challenges and they must be equipped with new knowledge, skills, and resources that may include the following:

  • Application tools to help apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to their interactions with key decision makers and influencers
  • Business planning tools that help sales teams approach customers differently
  • New strategic account management skills and competencies
  • A role-based training approach that is tailored to varying customers

A robust account management training strategy can lead to more effective partnerships and better results including increased market share.

In CMR’s recent survey, 72% of people said that our training increased their ability to gain market share and meet their sales goals. How do we do this? By working with our clients to create training programs that are:

  • Continually updated – we stay on top of the latest changes so you can focus on company-specific training
  • Individualized by role – no two roles are alike and we work with our customers to map specific content to competencies by roles
  • Reviewed by your customers – we work with over 200 subject matter experts to ensure our content is relevant and applicable
  • Cost-effective and customizable; every company is different and our instructional design staff utilizes our off-the-shelf resources to combine and create custom programs for every client’s unique needs

Check out our free resources on this topic:

  • Business Planning Tool: Partnering with Organized Providers – Business acumen and customer insight are two of the most important competencies for account managers who call on organized providers. These skills help account managers forge lasting relationships focused on achieving mutual goals with their customers. This application tool is designed to help you better understand the needs of your accounts so you can confidently make the business case for a potential partnership with an integrated delivery system (IDS), an accountable care organization (ACO), or a large medical group.
  • Whitepaper: Creating Value Through Effective Account Management – Account managers can leverage several strategies to enhance partnerships with key accounts. This whitepaper discusses ways that account managers can create value for their customers and open up new opportunities for their companies.

CMR has more than 300 eModules and other training tools that can be customized and blended to create a unique and tailored training solution for your organization.  Download our FREE training resource that includes a planning tool with content from three key areas required for successful account planning and management.

This is the third topic in a series of three centered around evolving your training strategy to bring the results and ROI that you need in 2017. Read more about this series HERE.


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