True to our commitment to staying always current and always relevant, we introduced new courses, updated our content library, gathered and presented insights from industry leaders, and designed planning tools throughout 2023.

New Courses

1. Oncology Library

We expanded our oncology learning library to help develop your team’s knowledge and skills in newer cancer treatment strategies.


2. Inflation Reduction Act

Our new eBrief on this important legislation will help your teams understand its far-reaching implications for all stakeholders.


3. Price Transparency Legislation Fact Sheet

Help your teams learn about five crucial federal acts and state laws to gain market access in this value-based environment.


4. Real-Time Benefit Checks: What Account Managers Should Know

A must for account management teams, this eModule equips AMs with the most prevalent information on the impacts of the RTBC mandate on prescribers and customers.


5. Selling to a Retail Pharmacy

As the scope of retail pharmacies continues to expand, your sales teams can play a key role in supporting pharmacy customers and patients alike. Our eModule provides actionable strategies.


6. Coaching from a Distance / Coaching Remote Teams + Strategies for Leading Remote Teams 

Remote or hybrid work is a reality for organizations of all sizes, and it presents its own set of challenges. These two scenario-based eModules are a must for your leadership and management training program.


7. Influencing without Authority

How can you affect change without formal authority? This scenario-based eModule uncovers key strategies to building trust, gaining buy-in, and motivating others.

Board of Directors Updates

1. Dr. Anthony Akosa, System Medical Director of Franciscan Alliance Care Management at Franciscan Alliance, Inc., joined our board in November 2023.

2. Jason Gaines, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development with Intermountain Health, joined our board in April 2023.

3. Dr. Barbara Lockee, Director, Professor Instructional Design and Technology, VA Tech, was elected Vice-Chair of the Board in July 2023.

New Tools and Guides

1. New Hire Training Tool

It’s a guide designed to provide ideas and inspiration for creating, augmenting, or updating your new hire training plan. Download the tool, answer a few questions, and create your initial blueprint. Simple.


2. The Secrets of Learning Transfer

It’s a recorded Learning Lab outlining five key secrets for facilitating learning transfer and helping your learners apply what they know.


3. Five Ways to Optimize Learning Success with a Content Library

It’s an eBook outlining why effective learning leaders have enterprise-wide subscriptions to provide their employees with relevant and engaging continuous learning.

Expert Insights

1. Supercharge Your Sales Team: Learning Strategies That Work

Practical learning strategies to help your teams break free from ‘survival mode’ and soar to pre-pandemic high-performance levels.


2. Social Determinants of Health: How Life Sciences Can Help Crack the Code

Get important information and perspectives about SDoH and its impact on health outcomes, systems, and how the life sciences industry can support the healthcare community.


3. Evolve Your Leadership Training – New Skills for Current and Emerging Leaders

Insight into leaders’ challenges, evolving competencies, and leadership training to adapt to the diverse needs and changing backgrounds of life sciences professionals.


4. Patient Care Improvements in the Cardiology Field

Understanding the use of AI in treatment and how algorithms may be used to effect changes in the health of the population.


5. Population Health: Charting a Mutually Productive Path Forward

Understanding population health and how the pharmaceutical industry, providers, insurers, and patient communities can collaborate on real-world outcomes.

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