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Real-World Training to Meet Real-World Needs

Ensure your teams receive the training they need—when they need it—and let us do the heavy lifting. CMR carefully curates the right learning pathways to meet your team’s unique goals quickly and cost-effectively. We stay ahead of the latest pharma and medical device developments and keep the content up to date for you. Our completely customizable training solutions are updated regularly and vetted by industry-leading healthcare experts to ensure your teams have everything they need to advance their knowledge, connect with customers, and drive performance.

Proactive Learning for Empowered Sales

Exceed your goals with proactive, customized learning pathways in a library that empowers sales teams to become their very best. Our curated learning library is updated regularly and reviewed by industry-leading healthcare experts to ensure your sales teams have everything they need to advance their knowledge, connect with customers, and drive sales. Our learning pathways are carefully crafted and tailored to meet your team’s unique goals. We don’t believe in wasting time—especially when it comes to improving your bottom line. Achieve real results on your own time and budget with our innovative trainings that can be done anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Your People Are Evolving—Grow with Them

Engage your best and brightest talent. CMR’s flexible learning pathways are fast, cost-effective, and sustainable to align with your organization’s growth plans and help your people advance. We’ll work with you to develop a proactive approach to developing and retaining your people, curating flexible learning pathways that are regularly updated and reviewed by industry-leading healthcare experts. Our innovative pharma training solutions are designed to engage team members of all experience levels and inspire continued learning and improvement.

Advanced Learning Solutions, Advanced Careers

CMR provides access to our Pharma Readiness certificate program to individuals who are seeking entry into or understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. For individuals who are seeking to meet the licensure requirements for pharmaceutical representatives in the city of Chicago, Washington, DC (SafeRx), or the state of Oregon, CMR Institute also offers a complete set of approved curriculums for each of those programs. Contact CMR Institute today at program@cmrinstitute.org to request access to any of these programs.


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A learning pathway is an ideal sequence of content that covers a specific knowledge base. Our pathways fully engage and immerse learners in a given topic or area, tackling a subject from various angles and quickly leading to understanding and proficiency.

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