Driving Real Results.

Driving Real Results.

A strategic learning roadmap will have you miles ahead of the competition. Learn how CMR helped one organization navigate onboarding training to significantly reduce turnover.

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What We Do

Empower Sales Teams for Success

We train commercial teams to higher sales performance. Our vast array of off-the-shelf training resources and techniques can be tailored to any level of expertise in the life sciences. Whether content is curated for a sales representative, account manager or a leader, CMR Institute will help your team increase market access and exceed sales goals.

How We Do It

Tailored, Blended Learning Solutions

We start with the end in mind. Using your training outcomes and business goals, our learning strategists design client-specific training programs utilizing our vast array of unique training resources. Each program is expertly tailored to each and every level of expertise within the sales organization.

Always Innovating

We stay ahead of the changing healthcare landscape. Our training content has the most up-to-date market insights and information, tailored to the particular needs of the life sciences. Our customizable learning solutions are timely and results-driven, keeping your team one step ahead of the rest.


Of learners rate our resources equal to, or better than, other career training received.


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Of learners state knowledge gained from CMR influences their ability to position products in a value-driven marketplace.


Are You Getting the Behavior Change You Need from Your Training Strategy?


Of learners report knowledge gained from CMR increases the ability to establish credible relationships with customers.


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  • Due to the wildly successful Learning Labs at the LTEN Annual Conference, CMR Institute provided two short, high impact 30-minute micro-webinars.

When Something's Missing You Notice

Session 1: Real World Strategies for Filling Gaps: Time, Budget and People In today's rapidly changing environment creating and keeping existing training up to date may be limited by time, budget or staff restraints. In this webinar, you will learn strategies for making the most of the resources you have and how to effectively fill in the gaps. Session 2: Are You Getting the Behavior Change You Need form Your Training Strategy? In this webinar, you will learn effective ways to add application and reinforcement into your overall learning strategy with proven real-world techniques from your industry peers.

Real World Strategies for Filling Gaps: Time, Budget, and People Are You Getting the Behavior Change You Need from Your Training Strategy?